Best Books on Information Theory

Why Information Grows and The God Problem

The best books on information theory that break from the purely scientific are Why Information Grows by, Cesar Hidalgo and The God Problem by Howard Bloom.These books follow the new school of scientific writing of metaphysics as physics model; which does a great job of capturing ones imagination.

The More Academic

Purely scientific books on Information theory do build a foundation of understanding for the less intuitive more scientific concepts and implications of information theory. These books include  Elements of Information Theory by Thomas Cover and Communication Theory by U Sorger.

Why Information Grows by Cesar Hidalgo

Why Information Grows is an information theory book that spends a great deal of time on the nature of economies in relation to information theory. A major concept from the book is that economies are just collections of nodes of knowledge and know how. The more advanced economies have advanced networks of knowledge and know how. Silicon Valley is the perfect example of one of these advanced networks of knowledge know how and what they can produce.Human beings are the mechanisms of knowledge and know how playing their roles as information processors can be rather Vulcan like but serve its purpose in helping understand the most fundamental concepts of reality

The God Problem By Howard Bloom

The God Problem by Howard Bloom is a book that is not entirely focused on information theory but it is one of the best books for building an understanding of why the universe is seemingly filled with contradictions. And how these contradictions can help explain why things are the way they are. It is an pseudo information theory book that does a great job of bringing light to several core information theory and nature of reality concepts

Although it refutes Claude Shannons Principle Tennant of Information being void of meaning. His major argument is that we live in a social cosmos where from atoms to people are acting out this social principles and that taking something old using it in a new medium makes it entirely new.

There are other great books on information theory and its evolving implications for our day to day lives.