A good man will not waste himself upon mean and discreditable work or be busy merely for the sake of being busy. Neither will he, as you imagine, become so involved in ambitious schemes that he will have continually to endure their ebb and flow.” – Seneca

The edge of chaos and order is the where information grows in the universe. The place where the stream of information is flowing from one state to another.   The earth is a perfect example of a rock placed in the information stream between the heat of the sun and the bitter cold of space. And because it is in this sweet spot linformation to grows here in the form of biological life and human information networks.  In a zone where the heat energy of the sun can flow over the planet and out into the cold of space in a controlled chaos. If this is how information grows then we should find individual economic growth in the flow of unequal systems of day to day business.

Information Theory 2.0 would indicate then that in an economy information would spring from the economic equivalent of an economic border between chaos and stability. That a stable business is the equivalent to the cold of space and an aggressive startup would be the heat of our sun. In finding your place within the economy it would be prudent to find this balance. You might have heard that old established industries have old executives because everyone just has to wait their turn while on the opposite extreme a criminal might make quick cash but end up in prison or worse rather quickly.

Think of a city and it’s industries. There are the established firms in skyscrapers in the center and dangerous neighborhoods on the edge.  In the skyscrapers downtown are the successful established companies that have been around 100 years. The information systems these companies represent are well established with little room for you to insert your influence Even if you were employed with them the odds are you wouldn’t find much opportunity for vertical assertion. On the other extreme are the industries in the outskirts that are not even necessarily legal enterprises. Here risk is high and there is high turn over among these industry operators. These businesses are at the mercy of there unstable neighborhood, employees and legal risks. There is plenty of opportunity for entry but the potential to find stability is minimal.

The golden zone of industry is in the businesses that survive on the edge between the skyscrapers and the bad neighborhoods.  These businesses have growth potential but have enough stability to generate a hold within the market. These are the businesses that are just desperate enough to take chances but will keep just enough in reserve to continue on.

The  balance between chaos and order should be applied in every aspect of your economic endeavors. When choosing a skill set do not select established industry nor operate on ambitious speculation but find the edge of both. A stable position most likely means no growth and vulnerability to changing market conditions. Ambition without foundation burns out quickly into disorganization. Strive to live and work on the edge of order and chaos.