Seems like 90% of all blog posts contain the keyword SEO or search engine optimization. Principles of Information Theory can have potential applications for searh engine optimization. Afterall a website communicates a message not unlike a telegraph, just with a touch more complexity. A search engine optimized website contains a communication or message about the webpage’s message. Therefore approaching an SEO Strategy by applying Information Theory might have some very practical use. is trying to rank for the keyword information theory. The question becomes can information theory apply to SEO and can it help rank for the keyword information theory? The following information theory concepts might provided insight for successful website SEO.

Applying Information Theory Concepts to SEO.

    • Redundancy in The Message

SEO is about redundancy in communication the message of a website to a search engine.
A keyword repeated throughout a page is a form of redundancy. The h1 tag Information Theory and SEO or an image’s alternative text “Information Theory and SEO” placed in a blog post would be illustrations of redundancy.

A backlink, which is a link from another website, is a reduncacy in communication of the website’s value. A Backlink’s anchor text is example of SEO redundancy. has purchased several back links that contain the keyword Information Theory. These back links are an “independent” confirmation of the websites content(or at least a partial link). The jury is still out, however, on whether these purchased links will help or hurt . redundancy in the form

    • Information and Not Meaning, Be Direct

Claude Shannon was adamant about the fact a communication conveys only information and not meaning. This idea is especially useful when it comes to website SEO. A website’s message cannot assume either the reader or the search engine will be able to read between the lines.

As a result the information conveyed needs to tell the search engine without ambiguity what the site is about. The algorithms that determine where to place a site in search are not that clever. Therefore A blog post must directly communicate its keywords and concept even though this message directness, at times might make internet communication seem cold and mechanical.

    • Entropy and SEO

Well written useful content will help fight entropy manifest as reader apathy. The search engine and reader are both going to find a page more useful if it is well organized and easy to follow. An internet reader will move on quickly if the text found on a webpage is a long and unstructured. Bucket brigades is a seo concept that will help organize web content.