Google did a tribute to Claude Shannon today Saturday April 30th on what would have been the founder of information theory’s 100th birthday. Shannon came up with a formula to measure the amount of information there was in a message. Information became a thing but not necessarily physical and can have a number attached to it, what is know as a measure.

What seems a bit strange about this is that they emphasized his juggling ability almost as much as his founding information theory. Now maybe one could argue that his juggling ability would help illustrate his concepts on information but is hard to see how.

Perhaps the problem might be that information theory is a bit too abstract of a concept. And one shouldn’t blame pop writers for trying to jazz up Shannon himself. It hard to explain his contribution to understanding of the universe even to someone who has a passing interest in the subject of information theory.

It seems that Shannon’s impact is destined to be slow in appreciation and probably will continue to be so.