Information recruitment strategy

 The Great Pyramids of Giza are recruitment strategy. Alexander, Caesar, and Napoleon all made journey to Egypt in order to associate themselves with what Egypt represented. The principle of information recruitment while not necessarily scientific seems to take place on both the micro and macro scale. So perhaps it stands to reason that people can produce their own metaphoric pyramids. If someone designed websites they would set out to build the Great Pyramid of websites.

The Practicality of The Pyramids

The Pyramids at first glance aren’t practical.The value of expending vast amounts of energy for what is for all practical purposes is a pile of rocks is not immediately apparent. Their only functional purpose was a tomb for dead kings. However the pyramids practical purpose doesn’t is not even reach a fraction of their value as a recruitment strategy. The pyramids have acted in the very real sense as beacons calling across time. They have captured the imaginations of civilizations across history and have had direct impact on the modern world.

Pyradmid = Excellence

How can one apply building a pyramid to their individual lives. Quite simply in whatever one does, they ought to do it as their equivalent to building a pyramid. To make ones work alittle pillar that stands out against the mediocre landscape. Its a good thing to think about before any endeavor. Mold a piece of information into something grand and excellent. Mold it into something of extreme quality. Bringing excellence into existence is a recruitment strategy.

While it might not be revolutionary excellence is related to information. Just as information is held somewhere in the in between so to is excellence.